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Class Descriptions ...

​Ballet/Tap Combo Class 1                               
Ages 3-4.  No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement.
Ballet/Tap Combo Class 2      
Ages 5-6.  Basic ballet/tap steps and creative movement.  No previous training required, one year of combo class 1 suggested. 

​Beginner Ballet
Ages 7 and up. Basic ballet technique with little or no prior training.

Intermediate Ballet
Average age 8-12. Basic ballet technique with 2-3 years prior training suggested.

Advanced Ballet

Average age 8-12. Basic ballet technique with 2-4 years prior training suggested. Strengthening to prepare for Pre-pointe.

Pre-Pointe (Soft Shoe/Demi-Pointe) / Pointe *Teacher approval required 
Ages 12-up with 5-6 years prior training. Emphasis on pointe preparation, and pointe technique at the barre working up to center floor. Two 1 hr 30 min classes/week required. Sports physical required to enroll initially.

Beginning Lyrical

Ages 7-up. Emphasis on musicality. *Must be concurrently enrolled in Beginner Ballet

​Intermediate Lyrical
Ages 7-up.  Emphasis on musicality. 1-2 years of ballet training required.

​Advanced Lyrical
Average age 12-up. 2-3 years of ballet training required or previous lyrical/contemporary training.

​Beginner Jazz
Ages 7-up.  Basic jazz technique with little or no prior training.

​Intermediate Jazz
Average age 8-12. Basic jazz technique with 2-3 years prior training suggested. Working towards or have achieved a double pirouette is suggested.

​Advanced Jazz
Ages 10-up. 3-4 years prior training. Emphasis on performance. Working towards or have achieved a triple pirouette.

Age 7-up. No previous training required. Previous tumbling experience suggested. Emphasis on combining flexibility, tumbling and dance training. Beg/Int class is 1 hr per week, Int/Adv is required to take 2 hrs per week (M and TH). *Must have a cartwheel and bridge to enroll or be concurrently enrolled in tumbling with teacher approval.

Mini Hip Hop
Ages 3-4 and 5-6. No previous training required. High energy hip hop based class for little ones that like to groove to the beat. Great add-on class. (30 min. class)

Mini Acro
Ages 3-6. No previous training required. Tumbling basics with fun strength building games. Great add-on class (30 min. class) 

Mini Jazz​ 
Ages 5-6. Preparation for beginner jazz class. High energy class teaching simple jazz technique. Pirouette and chané prep. Great class to add on to your ballet/tap combo class. (30 min. class) 

Hip Hop (Beg, Int or Adv)
Ages 7-up. Beg. No previous training required. Int requires 1-2 years minimum of previous dance training. Adv requires 2-3 years of previous dance training and previous hip hop training is recommended.

Mommy & Me 

Interested? Send us an email! 

Ages 1 - 2 years. Adult Participation required. Creative movement dance instruction and dance themed games helps prepare these little dancers for an independent classroom setting! This is an 8 week session 30 min. class. Only $75. 


Ballet Dancer
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